New Uses for Everyday Things: Summer Edition!

Help solve some of your summer problems with these household fast fixes.

New Uses for Everyday Things: Summer Edition!

By Toni Gasparis

Summertime brings around a new list of problems that we need to solve. Help relieve your mosquito bites, slide into your skinny jeans, and even prevent wrinkles with the tools you already have in your house!

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Iced Tea as Hair Dye

Iced Tea as Hair Dye

Set three tea bags in a cup of boiled water. Add sage and rosemary to the bowl and let the mixture sit overnight. Strain the mixture and put the remaining liquid into a spray bottle to apply to the roots of your hair. Make sure that once you spray, you don’t wash the tea outif you do, it won’t set on your hair. This natural dye solution is great because it’s a cost-effective way to touch up hair and it lasts for a few weeks.

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