From a strong immune system and proper muscle function to healthy eyesight, bones, and brain power — you want your body to work like it should! Here are three simple questions to get a sense of how smoothly things are functioning (add your points at the end):

1. What do you see when you look at your tongue in the mirror?

  • Light red, with thin white coating (1 point)
  • Pale in color, with thin white coating (2 points)
  • Pale with white coating, slightly larger than normal, teeth marks on the sides (3 points)
  • Pale with white coating, much larger than normal, teeth marks visible all over (4 points)

2. When you speak, your voice...

  • Is loud and clear (1 point)
  • Is understood but low (2 points)
  • Can be heard, but you often need to repeat yourself (3 points)
  • Cannot be heard with clear understanding (4 points)
3. How easily do you sweat?
  • Only with intense physical activity (1 point)
  • I can sweat when walking (2 points)
  • I sweat spontaneously (3 points)

When answering these questions, you want to get a low score, which means you have good vital energy. Your body functions are working smoothly! But what can you do if your score is high? Getting the right amount of micronutrients in your diet is key to making sure your body is functioning properly. But with so many vitamins and minerals to worry about, how do you really know you're getting what you need?

With USANA's CellSentials Pack, the foundation is set for you. It's a triple-threat supplement pack that gives you carefully balanced levels of vitamins and minerals plus the added protection of antioxidants. Watch the video above to see how the USANA's CellSentials Pack can help support your health.

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