Dentist and Oral Health Expert

Dr. Jonathan Levine is an aesthetic dentist, a specialist in prosthodontics, oral health expert, author, social entrepreneur and visionary inventor. In practice in New York City for nearly 30 years, Dr. Levine offers a comprehensive approach to dental health, combining beauty with function.

In 2008, Dr. Levine founded GLO Science Inc, bringing patients some of the most intelligent advances in oral care since the toothbrush. Holding six patents and 10 patents pending in oral care, Dr. Levine is responsible for modernizing the way people whiten their teeth. His GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device received an Edison Award in 2012 for innovation in a personal care product.

A national key opinion leader in oral health, Dr. Levine believes strongly in guiding the next generation of dentists and is an Associate Professor at NYU School of Dentistry and the Program Director of the Advanced Aesthetics Program in Dentistry at NYU CE. Dr. Levine also contributes his professional services to humanitarian efforts and organizations. He founded GLO Good Foundation, building oral health initiatives for underserved populations globally. He is also on the board of Foundation Rwanda, which helps the children of the 1994 genocide, and is on the advisory board of HealthCorps, a national service and peer-mentoring initiative, to note a few.

As a noted authority on the latest oral care and aesthetic products and techniques, Dr. Levine is frequently tapped by the media and beauty industry to provide oral care tips, medical advice, and aesthetic insight. He has published Smile! The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Smile Beauty, as well as contributed to several other prominent publications.

Dr. Levine also serves as a Member of the American Academy of Prosthodontics, Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry, Board of Advisors, and Cornell University, CALS, Board of Advisors

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