Family Physician With Expertise in Preventive Care, Women’s Health and Geriatrics

Gretchen Phillips, MD is a family physician with extensive training in preventive care, women’s health and geriatrics. After completing her medical education at the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Phillips served as a physician in the United States Navy. There, she provided medical care for sailors, military families and veterans of all ages.

In addition to military medical training, Dr. Phillips has experience in emergency department and trauma care, urgent care medicine, outpatient clinic medicine, hospital medicine, nursing home and rehabilitative center care, insurance medicine and virtual care. She has extensive training in enhanced utilization of medical resources and medical team building and leadership strategies. Her efforts in training and teaching colleagues have served to maximize clinical efficiency and optimize care.

During her military service, training and practice, Dr. Phillips has worked with leading physicians at institutions including Naval Hospital Jacksonville, the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of Florida, Fairview Health Services, the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic. She currently serves as a preceptor for the University of Minnesota’s Family Medicine Residency program.

Dr. Phillips is a featured medical contributor for CBS Radio, NBC, CBS and Fox Television. Dr. Phillips also works with independent video and web-based educational teams to design health-based print and video materials. Through her work, she is able to expand her viewers’ medical knowledge and enhance their preventive care strategies. As a medical correspondent, she is up to date on health and wellness issues that matter most to Americans of all ages. Dr. Phillips prides herself on making even the most complicated medical topics easy to understand.

Dr. Phillips lived in France for a year as an exchange student. During that time, she developed a fondness for the French people, language, food and culture. She takes joy in sharing her love of France and travel with her family and visits Europe every chance she gets. Dr. Phillips also enjoys biking and cooking with her husband, Rick and their five children. Together, they are active in the Twin Cities community, participating in athletic events, school fundraisers, community wellness drives, and disease-specific support events.

You can find Dr. Phillips online at

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