Matty's Skinny Soup

The Dr. Oz Show guests Nicole, Adele, and Matty represent 3 generations of weight-loss success. Through support and hard work, they learned to eat to live instead of living to eat. Proud Grandma Matty shares her “magical” soup recipe, which helped her shaved a decade off her real age.

2 lbs Plum Tomatoes
4 cans Water
4 Chicken bouillon cubes
2 Large onions
1 Large green pepper
1 Large red pepper
1 bag Fresh carrots
1 bunch Celery
Medium green cabbage
Sea salt

Blend tomatoes and 4 cans of water. Add 4 bouillon cubes.

Shred or chop all vegetables, except cabbage. Add to broth. Cook 2 hours, then add shredded cabbage and cook 1 more hour, slowly.

Add salt and pepper to taste. To make soup more of a "meal" you may add cooked brown rice.