Joy Bauer's Soup and Salad

For a lightened-up lunch that won't cost you too many calories, try making this soup and salad. Find more of Joy Bauer's healthy recipes and try out her Drop 10 Pounds by Summer diet today. 

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2 cups Lentil (black bean, or hearty vegetable soup)
Salad layered with non-starchy veggies
1 tsp Olive oil
Unlimited vinegar or fresh lemon juice (alternatively, you can use 2 tablespoons of low-calorie vinaigrette)

Enjoy two cups of lentil, black bean, or hearty vegetable soup of your choosing.

On the side, make a salad layered with non-starchy vegetables of your choosing.

Dress your salad with 1 teaspoon olive oil and unlimited vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Alternatively, you can use 2 tablespoons of low-calorie vinaigrette.