Despite there being nearly 8 billion people in the planet, we all — at some point — struggle with feeling lonely and isolated. When psychologist and best-selling author Jordan Peterson became sick a few years ago, he battled those feelings. This is someone who had amassed over 4 million subscribers, and over 145 million views on YouTube. It shows that we are all more connected in these feelings than we may realize. Dr. Oz sat down with Peterson to hear his story about finding peace away from public life. Peterson offers his advice for reconnecting in meaningful ways.

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This Small Device Can Help Give Independence Back to People With Visual Impairment

Get help with the things that became difficult without full sight.

Do you or a loved one experience visual impairment? Whether it's because of blindspots, blurred vision, tunnel vision or night blindness, there's a new tool that can help you do the things that become difficult without full sight. The OrCam MyEye is a small voice-activated device that can attach to your glasses and read aloud text from a book, screen or other surface. It can even recognize faces, money, barcodes and colors. It does this all in real-time and offline. Watch the video below to see how the OrCam MyEye works and why some people say it gave them independence back.