Jay Shetty's 4 Daily Habits to Help You Get Control of Your Anxiety

It's no secret that the past two years have increased everyone's stress and anxiety. And now we're looking for ways to cope with those new feelings. Life coach Jay Shetty, who lived as a Hindu monk for three years, is now working on social media to normalize these feelings that so many of us have — showing that no one is alone in their anxiety and offering those coping mechanisms we all need.

He joined Dr. Oz to highlight four simple habits you can incorporate into your daily life to help manage and control your anxiety.

4 Daily Habits to Deal With Anxiety

1. Show Thanks for 1 Thing or Person

"Thankfulness — the best way to practice it is not just to think it, not just to write it down, but to express it in a specific way, in a personalized way. What I want everyone to do is, every day, I want you to send someone a voice note, an email, a video message, a text message. I would take you 30 seconds to compose and express gratitude, personally, specifically. And see how your life changes," Jay said.

2. Read a Quote or Listen to a Song for Inspiration

"Many of us wake up to our phones. 80% of us wake up to our phones and see it first thing in the morning and the last thing we see at night. We're waking up to news, notifications, maybe noise, and negativity. But what if we woke up to inspiration? What if you woke up to your favorite quote? What if you woke up to a piece of art? What if you woke up to your favorite song that puts you in a good mood? Change what you see in the morning," Jay said.

3. Check In With Yourself & Your Feelings With a Meditation

"I know meditation can be difficult — challenging for many people. It can seem complex. The simplest way to start is to schedule some time in your calendar for yourself, with yourself. Start there — five minutes at the beginning of the day, five minutes at the end of the day," Jay said.

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4. Move Your Body in Any Way You Chose

"We all know that moving and sweating is important, but it doesn't have to be a gym. It doesn't have to be the traditional workout. You can go and get your 10,000 steps, you can do a virtual dance party — whatever gets you active is important to add to your daily routine," Jay said.

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