How to Help Texas After the Winter Storm: Groups Taking Donations

Here are a few organizations providing warm shelter, food and emergency assistance to Texans and vulnerable communities

How to Help Texas After the Winter Storm: Groups Taking Donations

Texas has been devastated by a historic winter storm that brought freezing temperatures, snow and ice to the region. Millions are without power, heat and water. How can you help them during this crisis? Here are a few organizations accepting donations for relief funds.

Red Cross: Providing shelter and food for people who need them. The Red Cross is also accepting blood donations.

Communities Foundation of Texas: Accepting donations for emergency assistance and long-term recovery needs.

Austin Mutual Aid: Helping unhoused and low-income families in Austin find safe and warm shelter. The group is also providing warm food, clothes and toiletries to other vulnerable communities, like the elderly and families with young children.

Mutual Aid Houston: Providing disaster relief to the Houston area. At the link provided, the group links to other local organizations offering help in the area and accepting donations.

Feed the People Dallas: This Black/Latinx- and female-led organization is supporting communities in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. Those wishing to donate can purchase items on its Amazon Wish List here, or check out its Instagram page where they highlight their donation needs.

Lucha Dallas: Supporting the BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and people of color) communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The organization provides updates on its Instagram page on its relief efforts and donation needs.

Casa Marianella: Supporting immigrants by providing shelter, food, clothing, medical needs and other resources.

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