2/3 cup Unsweetened organic almond milk or rice milk (no soy milk)
2/3 cup Water
2 scoops Protein powder in the form of whey isolate (hemp seed protein powder, or brown rice protein powder a list of brands to look for can be found at hotbellydiet.com)
1 tbsp Whole flaxseed (shelled hemp seeds, or raw sunflower seeds)
1 handful Blueberries (raspberries or blackberries)

Mix all the ingredients in a blender.


For added sweetness, add 1 teaspoon of unheated raw honey or Stevia. Those who don’t want to use almond or rice milk can opt for ¼ cup yogurt (1% fat Greek-style) or ¼ cup kefir and 1 cup water instead.

Note: Play with different berries, types of milk, flavors of protein, and types of seeds on a daily basis. For those who need more for breakfast, add a hard-boiled egg.