Hilaria Baldwin's Roasted White Winter Soup

This soup recipe is a Baldwin house favorite. The creamy soup is super nutritious and warming -- making it perfect for cold days and sick days. The temperature of the soup can help break up mucus while the fennel can clear congestion and soothe a cough.

Recipe from The Living Clearly Methodby Hilaria Baldwin

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1/4 cup Olive oil (divided)
1 Bulb fennel (roughly sliced about 2 1/2 cups)
1 Small cauliflower (roughly chopped about 3 cups)
4 Parsnips (roughly chopped about 5 cups)
1 Large onion (roughly chopped about 2 cups)
4-6 cloves Garlic
1 container (32 oz) Vegetable broth
1 cup Dry white wine
2 cups Almond milk
1 tbsp Miso paste
1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 tsp Ground black pepper

Preheat oven to 450°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Drizzle half of the oil on the prepared baking sheet. Add the fennel, cauliflower, parsnips, onion, and garlic. Drizzle with the remaining oil.

Roast for 35 to 40 minutes, or until mixture is browned, crispy, and tender.

During the last 10 minutes of baking time, in a large stockpot or Dutch oven over high heat, bring the broth and wine to a boil. Add the roasted vegetables. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from the heat.

Using an immersion blender or a tabletop blender, puree until smooth. Add the almond milk, miso paste, vinegar, salt, and pepper and blend until well incorporated.

Return the pureed soup to the pot and bring back to a simmer over medium-low heat (do not boil!). Serve hot.