The Healthy Elvis Sundae

An Elvis sundae doesn't have to be bad for you. Replace full-fat ice cream with low-fat ice cream, peanut butter sauce with real peanuts, and fried bananas with grilled bananas, and you'll have yourself an Elvis sundae with 80g less fat and 20g less sugar. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the Dr. Oz Show's Women's Health Correspondent, believes ice cream gets a bad rap. In her book, it gets an A rating: It's a source of protein, fat, and calcium. That's why she insists you give this recipe a try. Once you have, you'll know why Dr. Ashton's book Eat This Not That When You're Expecting has been such a hit.

3 Scoops low-fat peanut butter ice cream
1 Grilled banana (cut in half)
2 tbsp Chocolate syrup
2 tbsp Crushed peanuts

Add three scoops of low-fat peanut butter ice cream to bowl.

Top with grilled banana and crushed peanuts.

Drizzle on chocolate syrup.

Grab the nearest spoon and dig in!