9 Common Rashes Women Complain About

Wondering about a rash? Find out if it matches one of these!

9 Common Rashes Women Complain About

Every now and then, it seems like a rash shows up on your skin for no apparent reason. Figuring out what it is and whether to worry can be tough. Fortunately, most rashes have a couple unique characteristics you can use to identify them and many resolve on their own. See if your rash fits one of these common rashes that affect many women.


This rash is actually an infection of a hair follicle. It looks similar to a pimple, but will develop around a hair and will become an angry red color. As the folliculitis progresses, pus might start to build up inside, giving it a “white head” appearance. Folliculitis is commonly caused by friction from tight clothing, heat or sweat. Mild cases are best cared for by regularly applying a moist, warm compress and keeping the area clean and dry. If that doesn’t seem to help, or the rash seems to be getting worse, consult your doctor.

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