Your Allium Shopping List

Fragrant and nutritious, alliums are a must-have for your grocery cart.

Your Allium Shopping List

Herbs and spices add flavor to your meals, and just a small amount can add up to big health benefits. Some of the best herbs you can stock up on are alliums, which refer to the large class of bulbous herbs in the amaryllis family. They are defined by their round or spherical flower clusters, basal leaves, and striking aroma. Not only do they smell and taste great, edible alliums contain crucial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that ensure optimal health. Pick up one of these six popular alliums on your next trip to the supermarket.

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Native to the Mediterranean region, the allium sativum, or garlic, is one of the most common flavorings in savory dishes. Garlic, featured in this simple skillet broccoli recipe, can be eaten raw or cooked. When chewed, chopped, or crushed, raw garlic will release a compound called allicin that has antioxidant properties. Some studies also suggest that garlic may reduce atherosclerosis, help lower cholesterol, and benefit overall cardiovascular health.

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