What You Need to Know About Activated Charcoal

Get the scoop on the trendy ingredient you’re seeing everywhere.

What You Need to Know About Activated Charcoal

By Reina Berger

These days you can't turn a corner without hearing about activated charcoal. Found in the form of powder, pills, cubes, granules, chewable tablets, and facial pads, this ingredient is trending everywhere. Social media feeds are spilling over with images of black ice cream, hamburger buns, smoothies, and more. While this ingredient is having a major moment in the sun, it has already been used all over the globe for centuries now. If you want to find out the benefits and common uses of activated charcoal, keep reading!

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Activated charcoal in smoothies or other “health/detox” drinks is quite controversial. As much as charcoal may bind harmful particles like mold or fungus, it also binds other particles, such as lifesaving medication a person may be taking, and even vital nutrients and vitamins. For example, a kale and charcoal smoothie may be delicious, but consuming this drink is self-defeating since your nutrients are coming right out with the charcoal. There are strong warnings about using activated charcoal if you take medication, as it is excellent at removing, for example, your diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, seizure medication, etc, from your system.

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