What to Eat to Avoid Common Health Woes

Find out what foods you should be getting more of in your diet to address common health problems.

What to Eat to Avoid Common Health Woes

It might seem like there’s a pill on the market for just about every health issue you could imagine. But is there an easier way to try and stave off common health concerns? Food plays a central role in our lives and can facilitate good health as long as we eat the right things. Find out which common health conditions you could be fighting with dietary change.

High Cholesterol

Heart disease is the number-one killer of Americans every year. Fortunately, diet has a lot to do with your risk of heart disease and cholesterol levels, which means there’s also a lot you can do to boost your heart health. Twobig contributors to heart-disease risk is saturated fat and salt. Saturated fat bumps up the levels of LDL cholesterol, which can stick to blood vessels and cause heart attacks. Stick to lean sources of protein like poultry or tofu, which have a lot less fat than beef or pork. Beans also pack a serious protein punch and also deliver a healthy dose of fiber.

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