Laura Prepon's Stash Plan Stretches

Actress Laura Prepon does these three stretches each day to improve her health.

Laura Prepon's Stash Plan Stretches

Orange Is the New Black actress Laura Prepon and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy created the Stash Plan to help Prepon with her gallbladder and liver issues. Aside from the healthy recipes included in the plan, Prepon does 14 stretches each day to improve her well-being. Here, she shares three simple stretches that will help to unlock your fascia: fibrous tissue that surrounds an organ.

Reprinted from The Stash Plan, copyright © 2016 by Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy. Published by Touchstone.

Kneeling Liver Stretch

Step One: Getting Into Position

Kneel facing the long side of your mat. Extend your left leg diretly to the side with toes pointing forward. Lift your arms above your head. Stack your hands palm to palm with your left hand over your right, and clasp hands together. Bend sideways over to the left, directly over the extendly leg.

Step Two: Resistance

Pull down your left arm and pull away with your right, working in opposition. While pulling with your arms, look up and open your chest by rotating slightly to the right.

Step Three: Reptition

Repeat five times on each side.

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