Jason Derulo’s Belly Fat Regimen

The best-selling music star reveals his secrets to getting a flat stomach.

Jason Derulo’s Belly Fat Regimen

Singer and songwriter Jason Derulo has become a global superstar with 11 platinum-certified chart-topping hits. But what keeps him going through a fast-paced and busy lifestyle is his commitment to healthy living. In addition to his regular workout routine, Derulo depends on these four strategies to maintain his lean physique.

Try the Tummy Tightener

Have a last-minute event coming up but need to shape up fast? Derulo swears by his emergency tummy tightener—a can of tuna with a gallon jug of water. To add flavor to the tuna, he adds a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and a little vinegar. The water keeps him well-hydrated and satisfied, keeping hunger and cravings in check.

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