How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar

Find out how to survive the festivities while keeping your blood sugar stable.

How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar

"Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson has been open about his struggles, particularly his battle with type two diabetes. When it comes to the holidays, all the partying can create stress for those of us trying to keep our blood sugar in check. Luckily, Anderson has come up with some clever tips to help you navigate all the festive socializing while keeping your health a top priority. Read on to learn how he survives the holiday circuit and find out a few bonus tips as well.

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Give Your Cocktails a Makeover

While the holiday season is often associated with indulgent food and stiff cocktails, it doesn't mean you have to panic when the party invitations start showing up at your door. To avoid spiking your blood sugar, drink smarter. Instead of mixing your alcohol with tonic water, try sparkling water, which has zero calories and sugar but still offers the bubbliness you crave. Planning to add cranberry or orange juice to your beverage? Try tossing in a few slices of strawberries, peaches, or blueberries to get the fruity flavor the natural way. To practice moderation, follow every cocktail with a full glass of water, which will fill you up, keep you hydrated, and prevent overconsumption.

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