The Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Find out how you can keep yourself healthy en route to your destination.

The Holiday Travel Survival Guide

We’ve all had trips that seem to descend into disaster, where a 15-minute delay turns into five hours, or the winter storm that was supposed to miss your city is now dumping its second foot of snow on the runway. Here’s an easy guide to surviving those travel crises, however big or small they might be.

Stay Calm

While sudden changes in travel plans are rightfully stressful, fretting too much about what’s happening can take a serious toll on your health without any real benefit. The anxiety, panic, and urgency you feel sends your body into an intense stress response. The hormones released heighten your frenetic feelings while dosing you with immune-suppressing cortisol at a time when need to protect your health the most. If you can, stop driving for a few minutes or find an airport gate with no people around and do some quick relaxation exercises to clear your head.

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