The Guide to Buying Healthy Nuts

Find out how to shop smart when shopping for nuts.

The Guide to Buying Healthy Nuts

Wondering how to add nuts to your diet without spending a fortune and packing on the pounds? With the help of Mark Schatzker and Kellyann Petrucci, we’ve separated fact from fiction and have come up with a few tried and true tips to help you navigate this food group the smart way.

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Portion Control

While many people are concerned that consuming nuts will lead to weight gain, it all comes down to portion control. Try buying 100-calorie packs so that your portions are accounted for ahead of time, or simply aim to eat no more than a small handful (about a shot glass full) to stay on track. Avoid salty, roasted, and flavored nuts and opt for the raw kind that have no additional ingredients to ensure you get all the health benefits and none of the unhealthy excess.

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