Enterovirus D-68 Explained

Get the facts on the enterovirus sweeping the country so you can keep yourself and your family healthy and safe.

Enterovirus D-68 Explained

Enterovirus D-68 has burst onto the scene, sweeping across several states in a matter of months and infecting thousands of vulnerable children. Learn more about the virus that's grabbing headlines across the nation, find out whether you should be worried and understand the best ways to protect those you love.

What is Enterovirus D-68?

Enteroviruses are a class of virus responsible for a variety of human diseases. Severity of the infection ranges from the mild cold most people get every year to meningitis to the paralysis caused by polio. The symptoms will depend on the species of enterovirus you’re infected with since each has a different taste for organs it infects. Some target the stomach and intestines, others the brain and spine or lungs and airways. This virus is a species that targets the lungs.

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