Dos and Don'ts of Dollar Store Shopping

Find out what’s worth purchasing at the dollar store — and what you should avoid.

Dos and Don'ts of Dollar Store Shopping

Not every purchase at the dollar store is worth the deep discount. Cleaners, plastic containers, and other items available at the dollar store can be accompanied by harmful chemicals. Other budget products aren’t actually saving you any additional money. Find out what to avoid and what's safe to purchase at a deep discount.

Shaving Cream

Dollar stores usually carry smaller bottles and containers of personal care items such as shaving cream that cost less than their regular-size counterparts. Despite the lower price tag, check the quantity you’re buying to see if you’re getting more bang for your buck. Divide the price of an item with the number of ounces on the label.

For example, a $1 bottle of shave cream containing 6 ounces costs about 16 cents per ounce. At a major retailer, a $1.30 bottle of shave cream containing 10 ounces costs about 14 cents per ounce. This comparison reveals that the shaving cream at the dollar store ends up being more expensive, costing 2 cents more per ounce.

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