Are You Eating Hidden Trans Fats?

Avoiding trans fat? Chances are good you're eating it daily even if you're doing your best to stay away. Find out how the food industry is fooling you and how to cut trans fats for good.

Are You Eating Hidden Trans Fats?

By now, you’ve probably heard how bad trans fats are for you and you might even be trying to avoid them in the foods you eat. But trans fats can be lurking in food where you wouldn’t expect to find them. And even if you are diligent, they may even escape labeling in packaged foods. Read on to find out where trans fats could be hiding in your daily diet and learn the easiest ways to avoid them.

What is trans fat?

Fats come in several different kinds that depend on the chemical structure of the fat molecule. Saturated fats are typically found in animals. They’re dense in energy and solid at room temperature like butter. Unsaturated fats are typically found in plants. They’re less dense in energy and liquid at room temperature like olive oil. While unsaturated fats are typically the healthy kind, trans fat is a specific kind of unsaturated fat that’s only made in manufacturing. It’s an unnatural fat and can cause inflammation in your body and raise your risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

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