99 Thanksgiving Hacks

Already in panic-mode when it comes to Thanksgiving prep? Leave your worries behind because we've got you covered.

99 Thanksgiving Hacks

Strapped for time and looking to cut some corners? These 10 tips will help make your Thanksgiving party prep as seamless and stress-free as possible. Whether you want to simplify drinks or beef up your mashed potatoes, we've got answers to all your burning questions. Browse these hacks and let us know which ones you love most! To see the full list of all 99 Thanksgiving hacks, click here and prepare to be amazed.

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Make a signature drink for the entire evening.

One of the surest ways to waste money during the holidays is on alcohol. One of the most fun ways to save money during the holidays is to make punch. This way, you won’t need to cater to each of your guests’ alcohol preferences. The best part is, if you make a great punch, you’ll send your guests home with something to talk about.

Is Your Stomach Cramp Actually Diverticulitis?

It may not just be indigestion.

We've all been there — we get a cramp in our stomach, maybe with some nausea or constipation. It's easy to think it may just be indigestion. But what if it's something more serious like diverticulitis? That's a condition of inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches that can form in your digestive tract. Here's how to tell the difference between the pain and how to know when you should see a doctor.