The 8 Most Germ-Infested Areas at Work

The toilet seat doesn't even make the list. Find out what does.

The 8 Most Germ-Infested Areas at Work

Each year, Americans spend about $3 billion on doctors’ visits due to colds and another $2 billion on cold treatments. The workplace is ground zero for colds. You’d be surprised to find out where germs are most likely hiding in your office. Gathering data from a variety of different workspaces—law firms and call centers, among others—researchers swabbed thousands of surfaces. Here’s a list of the eight most contaminated areas. You might look at your keyboard differently after this.

Computer Mice

It's a good thing laptops are phasing out computers, at least as far as germs are concerned. Well, who knows what kind of germs those mousepads are storing? We do know that, similar to desk phones, about half of computer mice in the workplace have an ATP count of 100 or higher—these mice, while they might not be hosts for your next cold, could certainly use a good scrubbing.

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