7 Low-Calorie Ingredients You’re Not Using

Find out how to add the right low-cal ingredients to your cooking.

7 Low-Calorie Ingredients You’re Not Using

If you are looking to lose weight, stay on the health track, and lighten up your meals, the right low-calorie ingredient can be your new best friend. Here are some of Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl's top picks, along with a few ingredients we also recommend keeping in constant rotation. Not only are all of these foods low in calories, they are also super versatile, so you can make tons of different dishes with them.

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Full of vitamins and fiber and low in calories, kale is a super healthy ingredient that you can use in so many different ways. You can cut this green into little pieces to make deliciously crunchy chips, add a handful to a burrito bowl, steam some and add on the side to fish and chicken, and use it to make a healthy Caesar salad. If you’re feeling brave, you can also toss some kale into your smoothie, as a delicious alternative to spinach.

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