6 Healthy Burger Alternatives You've Got to Try

Find out how to make a healthier burger with these patty swaps.

6 Healthy Burger Alternatives You've Got to Try

When most of us think of burgers, a beef patty comes to find. But thanks to the high saturated fat content, beef is taking a major backseat in the burger world. These days, there are countless healthy alternatives that will still give you the burger you crave, without the unwelcomed guilt and calories. Here are six of our favorite picks. Bon appétit!

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Bison Burger

Compared to beef, bison has 25% less calories and almost ½ the saturated fat and total fat, making it an excellent choice for meat-lovers who are eating healthy. In terms of protein, bison has 26 grams and beef has 25 so it’s a winner across the board. Once you load it up with different toppings, you can’t even make out the difference because it tastes so similar to a typical hamburger.

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