6 Hacks to Make Your Pizza Healthy

Try out these tips and tricks for mouthwatering, lower-calorie pizza.

6 Hacks to Make Your Pizza Healthy

By Toni Gasparis

Store-bought frozen pizza and pizza from chain restaurants can be filled with preservatives and hidden calories. Making your own pizza can guarantee fresh, authentic ingredients that taste better. But cooking things on your own can be time-consuming, which is why these tips can help you make healthy pizza fast without sacrificing the quality.

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Freeze Pizza (the Right Way)

Aside from being unhealthy, store-bought frozen pizza usually doesn't taste as good because of the way it's frozen. The fluctuation in temperature from cooking it to freezing it to cooking it again makes the crust absorb a ton of water, leaving you with soggy pizza. Make your own frozen pizza by freezing the pizza parts individually and then combining to cook. Bonus tip: Freeze the sauce in ice cube trays so it doesn't get super watery when defrosting, and learn how to reheat your pizza easily.

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