5 Ways to Lose Weight With Hot Sauce

Learn how to shed pounds with this condiment.

5 Ways to Lose Weight With Hot Sauce

Hot sauce sales are growing by the minute and it seems like the spicy condiment trend is here to stay. Along with adding a lot of flavor and heat to any meal, it turns out that hot sauce may also help you lose weight. Want to add this ingredient to your diet? Find out how with the help of food journalist Mark Schatzker.

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Cook With Hot Sauce to Avoid Overeating

Researchers from Purdue University found that people felt more satisfied after eating spicy foods and that they only ate a set amount instead of pigging out. One theory is that the heat in your mouth causes you to eat slower so you can register satiety cues and that you can only take so much hot sauce before you hit your limit, so it prevents overindulging.

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