5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen in 10 Seconds

Keep your family healthy and your kitchen clean with these 10-second solutions for tricky cleaning dilemmas.

5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen in 10 Seconds

Is your kitchen dirty but you're pressed for time? Clean your kitchen in just 10 seconds with these solutions.

Dilemma: There’s a Huge Pile of Dishes in the Sink.

Dilemma: There\u2019s a Huge Pile of Dishes in the Sink.
Solution: Start at the bottom of the rack with plates and scrape the food off of the plate or bowl but skip prewashing. It wastes time and energy and uses as much as 6,000 gallons of water per year. Also, don’t block the jets inside the washer.
Sharp objects like knives and forks should face down. Mix up your silverware so they don’t nest like spoons.
Put all glasses, delicate items and plastics on the top rack.
Hand washing dishes may not get the job done as well as the machine. Water in the machine gets much hotter–and that helps kill bacteria lingering on those dirty dishes much better.

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