5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Estrogen

Estrogen replacement has been a hot topic in the news for years, but is it right for you?

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Estrogen

Estrogen plays an important role in a variety of body functions, which is why losing it can have broad-reaching effects on a woman’s health. Many have talked about estrogen as a treatment for more than hot flashes. Some research has indicated it may have effects on the brain including concentration and how energized you feel. Here’s what you should know before deciding if estrogen might be right for you.

How Estrogen Changes Over the Course of Your Life

Estrogen levels fluctuate throughout your life. Your body dramatically ramps up production when you hit puberty and keeps levels high with ups and downs following the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy will also dramatically increase estrogen. When a woman enters menopause, her ovaries stop making estrogen and cause her levels to drop dramatically, but not to zero. Because the adrenal gland and fat cells still produce estrogen, there will always be some circulating.

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