The 5 Supermarket Foods Chefs Love

Find out what your favorite chefs add to their carts.

The 5 Supermarket Foods Chefs Love

Ever wonder what top chefs actually buy when they go to their local supermarket? We have the inside scoop on what our favorite food personalities like to purchase so you can shop like them. Learn how to navigate the grocery aisles like a pro with these five delicious and versatile finds.

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Chicken Thighs

Rocco DiSpirito and Candice Kumai both love chicken thighs. While most people go for the chicken breast, it’s often because they have a misconception that this part is healthier. In fact, chicken thighs are a better choice because they are also good for you, they don’t dry out as quickly, are more tender, and have great flavor. Turns out they are cheaper too, with chicken thighs running you $1.46 per lb and chicken breasts costing $3.20 per lb.

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