5 Sneaky Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Know

Find out how to spot cervical cancer before it’s too late.

5 Sneaky Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Know

A new study has discovered that women are dying from cervical cancer at a much greater rate than once thought. With a 77% higher risk of death in African-American women and a 47% higher risk of death in Caucasian women, now is the time to identify the sneaky signs of cervical cancer before it’s too late. Luckily, 93% of cervical cancer cases are preventable through early detection and HPV vaccines. Read on to find out what Dr. Jennifer Ashton wants you watch out for and when to get a screening and pap smear.

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Persistent Change in Bowel Movements

Feeling the urge to use the bathroom constantly is a symptom often associated with cervical cancer. If you notice a change in the quality of your bowel movements that is another potential cause for concern. Aside from blood in your stool, which is an automatic red flag, changes in the quality or frequency of your bowel movements are problematic when they become persistent. If you have these symptoms for less than week, you don't need to worry; but if they linger, seek medical attention.

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