5 Foods TV Chefs Always Have in Their Refrigerators

Celebrity chefs reveal what’s really inside their fridges.

5 Foods TV Chefs Always Have in Their Refrigerators

The biggest chefs on TV seek out and cook with a wide variety of unusual and rare ingredients from around the world but when they go home at the end of a long day, what would you find in their personal refrigerators? You might be surprised to discover that their top essentials are more common than you think.

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Ricotta Cheese

Like most of us, chef Anne Burrell stocks her refrigerator with the basics — food and condiments — but the one staple she always has on hand is ricotta cheese. The creamy white Italian cheese has a mild, slightly sweet flavor and is similar to cottage cheese. Burrell loves ricotta cheese because it can enliven any simple dish, such as pasta, salad, or toast..

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