5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

Find out how these cases were solved using medical evidence.

5 Fascinating Times Medical Evidence Solved a Crime

By Toni Gasparis

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Advancements in technology, along with new developments in forensic pathology, have grown tremendously in recent decades. Solving crimes using medical evidence provided by dead bodies can now help crack previously unsolvable cases. We’ve rounded up five compelling crime investigations that were solved using medical knowledge and clues of the body.

Fingernail Length Can Help Pinpoint a Murderer

Shortly after one woman’s murder, the police investigation was curtailed when the crime scene was set on fire, destroying any evidence at the scene. A doctor examining the victim's burned body noticed her right hand had shorter fingernails. When police arrested the arsonist and brought him in for questioning, he had small bruises around his left hand that a doctor surmised were made by someone with short fingernails trying to hold off his left wrist. He became the prime suspect, and this fingernail evidence led to his murder conviction.

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