The 5-Day Easy Meal System Instructions

Stop stressing over dinner. Learn how to meal prep the simple way!

The 5-Day Easy Meal System Instructions

Take the guesswork out of weekday meal planning with this chef-designed and Oz-approved easy meal system. In just two hours on the weekend, you can prepare healthy and nutritious meals you need to feed a family of four for five days. This fool-proof plan will also help you stick to your weight-loss goals and budget without sacrificing taste or breaking the bank.

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Pick Up Groceries and Storage Containers

The foundation of the 5-day plan revolves around the first day, where you focus on preparing and cooking your meals. Print or save The 5-Day Easy Meal System Checklist to refer before you go grocery shopping. On your shopping day, make sure to stock up on any mason jars, plastic bags, rubber storage containers, and paper towels that you need. Once you have all of your ingredients and supplies, you’ll be one-third of the way toward your goal and ready to tackle all the recipes.

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