4 Hacks to Power Up Your Brain

Give your brain a boost with four simple tweaks.

4 Hacks to Power Up Your Brain

Bulletproof coffee guru and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey has come up with four unique ways to supercharge your brain and give you lasting energy. From changing what you eat and how you eat it, to considering a new lighting source for your home, there are lots of creative ways to hack your environment and change your life. Ready to sharpen your mind and improve your mood? Just keep reading.

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Cook Bacon on Medium Heat

Instead of cooking bacon until it’s overly crispy and burnt, aim to cook it on medium heat instead. When you burn the fat until it’s smoking, sizzling, and black, consuming that bacon can actually slow down your brain and the power plants inside your cells. The black parts of overcooked bacon are potentially cancer-causing, so it’s especially important to avoid those. Instead, Asprey recommends cooking the bacon gently, until it’s not watery and lightly brown, for about 10-15 minutes.

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