The 3-Step Plan to Turn Back the Clock and Reboot Your Liver

Learn how to support the health of the organ that you may have betrayed the most: the liver.

The 3-Step Plan to Turn Back the Clock and Reboot Your Liver

From unhealthy eating habits and having one too many glasses of wine to damage caused by hormones and indigestion, your liver is on the frontlines working to keep your body safe through its detoxification process.

But overtime, overindulgence and overuse can be harmful to your liver and begin a domino effect for the rest of your body. Luckily, the liver has the ability to heal itself, especially when you take the right steps to help it out!

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First Off – What Is the Liver and How Does It Work?

The liver has a wide range of functions, including detoxification. The liver converts harmful and potentially toxic substances to forms that can exit the body either through bile or through the filtration system of the kidneys.

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