The 22-Day Revolution to Get Back in Shape

Follow the same plan used by Beyoncé, created by exercise physiologist Marco Borges to get in great shape.

The 22-Day Revolution to Get Back in Shape

Ever wondered how Beyoncé gets in such good shape? Now you can find out! Marco Borges has revealed some of the secrets he used to help her reshape her life and he wants you to use them, too!

Step 4: Move for 30 Minutes a Day

Changing your diet can only go so far and exercise has to be a key part of your new lifestyle regimen. Exercise helps keep your body strong, boosts your heart health and lowers your risk of a variety of diseases. It also helps to keep weight off. Aim for at least 30 minutes of movement a day. The key here is variety. Try alternating cardio days with body weight exercises and high intensity workouts. Marco suggests burpees, pushups and walking lunges as great body weight exercises that will hit multiple muscle groups.

2 Small Kitchen Tools That May Save You Big Time & Space

Both of which are crucial for the holidays.

During the holiday season, your time and kitchen space is more valuable than ever. How can you maximize both to entertain family and serve a delicious meal? Here are two small gadgets that may make a mighty difference.

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