10 Tips for Going Grain-Free

Go grain-free for a healthier lifestyle — while still enjoying some of your favorite foods

10 Tips for Going Grain-Free

When starting a grain-free diet, it may feel like you are depriving your taste buds of the irresistible taste of bread, pasta and pizza. Here's some great news — you can replace grains with healthier grain-free alternatives to enjoy your favorite recipes, without all the side effects. By cutting out grains, you can lose weight and re-balance you nervous system. Check out these tricks and tips for going grain-free. For even more recipe and diet ideas, download the Dr. Oz app here!

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Use Lettuce as a Wrap

Give your wrap more crunch by skipping the tortilla and putting grilled chicken, fish, and veggies inside leafy greens. You can choose among Bibb, romaine or cabbage leaves to cut down on carbs and load up on veggies. Try these crispy chicken and lettuce wraps.

Is Your Stomach Cramp Actually Diverticulitis?

It may not just be indigestion.

We've all been there — we get a cramp in our stomach, maybe with some nausea or constipation. It's easy to think it may just be indigestion. But what if it's something more serious like diverticulitis? That's a condition of inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches that can form in your digestive tract. Here's how to tell the difference between the pain and how to know when you should see a doctor.