The FDA protects the public health by ensuring that medicinal products and devices intended to treat diseases such as cancer are safe and effective. Products that receive FDA approval undergo the agency's rigorous evaluation process, which scrutinizes everything about the product—from the design of clinical trials to the severity of side effects to the conditions under which the product is manufactured. Information from the testing of these products helps ensure Americans get the accurate, science-based information they need to make informed treatment decisions. 


The FDA also works to protect patients from unsafe, adulterated or ineffective medicines. Companies that market fraudulent products for cancer treatment or prevention often use exaggerated and bogus claims that suggest the product can treat all forms of cancer or is non-toxic, for example. Patients seeking cancer treatments should always consult a health-care professional before starting a new treatment or adding one to existing therapies. Consumers and health-care professionals should notify the FDA of any complaints or problems associated with these products. These reports may be made to MedWatch, the FDA's voluntary reporting program, by calling 800-FDA-1088, or electronically at  


Additional information about fraudulent cancer treatments can be found here:


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