Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet

This challenge will reboot your body in just two weeks! Dr. Oz is helping you rethink your entire diet, from what you buy at the grocery store to when and how you prepare your meals.

The first step of Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet is to give your kitchen a makeover. It's time to create a nutritional haven filled with good-for-your-waist foods that make it easy to eat right. You'll purge your refrigerator and cabinets of any foods that break Dr. Oz's Rule of 5. Then you'll stock up on healthy essentials.

Dump the Fridge

Read the labels of everything in your kitchen. If something has any of the following as one of the first five ingredients, throw it out:

  • Simple sugars
  • Syrups
  • White flour
  • Saturated fats
  • Trans fats

Go Grocery Shopping

Once you’ve cleaned out these major agers, go shopping. Click here to print Dr. Oz's grocery list, which will help you stock up with fresh produce, lean protein and whole grains when you're at the grocery store.

Rethinking every morsel you eat can be overwhelming, that's why each day, regardless of what you eat, you're going to start eating a little bit less.

Lose 100 Calories from Your Day

By doing this, you can lose 12 pounds in a year. Easy ways to cut these extra calories are to eliminate soda, ditch that 100-calorie snack pack or give up two cookies.

Keeping meals and portion sizes the same minimizes the chances of cheating or grabbing on-the-go food with mystery nutritional information.

Automate Your Meals

For breakfast, try kick-starting your day with Dr. Oz's Magical Breakfast Blaster.

Change Your Flatware

Additionally, switch to using 9-inch plates. Most dinner plates are 12.5 - 13 inches. Smaller plates create portion control; you'll eat less and feel fuller.

Don't reinvent the wheel; Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet is about dieting smart, not hard. Conquer cravings before they start by being prepared with emergency snacks.

Be Prepared

Have automated emergency snacks on hand that are full of fiber, like nuts and edamame.

Your environment and emotions often control your eating habits. Take control by make your health goals known and find a support system.

Call Your Weight Loss Buddy

Recruit your partner – be it a spouse, a friend, a coworker – someone you can talk to about your goals, your meals, and your new plan. Make a plan to talk (or email) five minutes every day.

Every diet has wiggle room, whether it's for for a birthday, wedding or just a bad day. You can always get back on track. Here's how.

Learn to Cheat

Getting back on track is easy. You know how. Automate your meals and apply the Rule of 5. But here are some quick ways to cheat when your cravings are due to a boring afternoon at the office, a long car ride or stress.

  • The Lip Lick. Breathe in, lick your lips, swallow, and breathe out slowly, saying "ohm." Let the cool air flow across your lips. The soothing move - which takes all of about three seconds - helps you to reset, calm down, and refocus.
  • Spice it Up. Red pepper or cinnamon added to your food can amp up the flavor of food and saturate yearnings for something sweet.

Waist management is a team game, and your doctor is one of your MVPs. Move up your annual appointment

Make a Doctor’s Appointment

During your visit make sure you know these five essential numbers. An unsafe result on any of these tests can be indicative of a serious health problem.

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Waist size
  3. Cholesterol
  4. Weight
  5. Blood sugar

Losing weight is actually a very simple equation: burn more calories than you consume. No matter what your exercise experience or physical condition is, it’s time to make a promise to increase and maintain your exercise regime.

Take 10,000 Steps Per Day

Whether you’re an exercise novice or a professional athlete, Dr. Oz will always remind you to get physical exercise. Your wellness journey begins with 10,000 steps a day – that’s roughly the equivalent of walking five miles. If you’re already exercising, make sure that your routine includes both cardio and strength training.

You've done the hardest parts: made a commitment to health, parted with your favorite junk foods, rewired the way you think about food and changed the way you eat.

The Maintenance Phase

Repetition is how new habits are formed (and old habits die for good.) Continue to shop for foods using Dr. Oz's grocery list and keep your kitchen free of foods that break the Rule of 5. Continue automating your meals and exercising. Within two weeks, you'll feel better and weigh less than when you started.

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