The Plan to Reverse Your Sugar Addiction (in 14 Days!)

Improve your diet and your health with this two- week plan.

The Plan to Reverse Your Sugar Addiction (in 14 Days!)

By Toni Gasparis

There may be hidden sugar in your diet that you don't know you're eating. In fact, the average person consumes around 22 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, which is more than four times what the FDA recommends. If you think you may be secretly (or not so secretly) addicted to sugar, this plan from expert David Zinczenko is for you. This 14-day plan will take you through a full dietary reset to detox and balance your body. You'll be surprised how much your mood, cravings, and health improve in just two weeks.

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The Rules

Every meal you eat needs to meet three different sets of criteria. They all have to have a zero-added-sugar carb, a power protein, and a healthy drink. Zero-added-sugar carbs--like vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole fruit--are important for the obvious reason that you must eliminate sugar. Additionally, they contain more fiber and low amounts of natural sugar to help your body optimally function. Power proteins are key to this plan because they will help keep you full, squash cravings, and increase fat-burning muscle in your body. Try adding protein-packed foods such as eggs, fish, Greek yogurt, and lean meat into your daily meals. Last but not least, each meal must be accompanied by a healthy drink to ensure you don't drink things like sugary juice for breakfast. You can enjoy water, tea, and milk (and even a small glass of wine) with your meal to ensure healthy habits.

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