The Plan to Reverse Your Sugar Addiction (in 14 Days!)

Improve your diet and your health with this two- week plan.

The Plan to Reverse Your Sugar Addiction (in 14 Days!)

By Toni Gasparis

There may be hidden sugar in your diet that you don't know you're eating. In fact, the average person consumes around 22 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, which is more than four times what the FDA recommends. If you think you may be secretly (or not so secretly) addicted to sugar, this plan from expert David Zinczenko is for you. This 14-day plan will take you through a full dietary reset to detox and balance your body. You'll be surprised how much your mood, cravings, and health improve in just two weeks.

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Finish the Day With a Healthy Dinner

Healthy and filling dinners are important to ensure that no late night snacking will ensue. But just because you're trying to quit your sugar addiction, doesn't mean you can never have anything fun for dinner. Whole Wheat Pizza With Chicken and Asparagus is the perfect Friday night dinner option because it is a low-sugar alternative to its local pizzeria counterpart. Plus, you can enjoy a slice or two with a small glass of wine as your healthy beverage for the evening (just don't forget to drink some water too!).

Put a twist on a classic Old Fashioned by adding maple syrup for the perfect fall cocktail. Serve at your Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the warm flavors.