The Plan to Stop Binge Eating

Quit the cycle of overeating to find comfort and rid yourself of guilt from Dr. Brenda Wade.

Step 1: Keep a Food-Feelings Journal

Identify what you are trying to comfort by keeping a journal. Write down how you feel before, during and after a binge. Binge eating has deep roots; you may find you have attached memories to eating (such as binge eating pizza when you are sad because it reminds you of having pizza with a family member when you were younger). You're using the food to get that positive feeling to stop a negative feeling.

Step 2: Interrupt the Binge Trance

To combat the feeling of numbness in the binge-eating cycle, learn to partner a thought with a behavior to create a new feeling. This is called "tapping it out." There is a gland under your sternum that helps regulate your heartbeat. Your heart has the same neural tissue as parts of your brain, which means your heart has an emotional memory. To tap it out, put a fist to your chest and tap lightly, repeating to yourself, "I am worth it. I am worth taking care of and eating healthy for." Your brain will be more likely to receive the message and remember it. Do this every time you're tempted to binge. This will also help you be more mindful when eating. 

Step 3: Concentrate on Quality, Not Quantity at First

It's important to learn to eat less at every sitting and regain proper portion control to break the guilt part of the cycle of binge eating. But first, don't worry about how much you're eating, just focus on eating the right foods first. Every meal and every snack should have lots of color in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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This plan was originally created for Dr. Oz's Truth Tube. See how Natalie stopped her binge eating and get all the Truth Tube plans here.

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