The Plan to Lose Weight in a Skinny World

Learn about some of Elvis Duran’s tips for breaking through your weight loss plateau.

Step 1: Broadcast Your Goals

You might think a lot about your weight, but how often do you ask yourself what your goals are? Elvis always found that he joked on air about his attempts to lose weight, but took a while to get serious about putting forward some real goals for where he wanted to be. Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, share those goals with others. That sharing can be in a group as small as a few close friends or as large as your Twitter feed. The reason this helps is that it holds you accountable to your goals and gets your friends invested in you achieving those goals.

Step 2: Separate Eating From Socializing

Eating out with friends is one of the most popular ways to socialize. After all, there’s something bonding about enjoying a new dish or sipping a good wine with a close friend. Elvis found that he was eating way more than he intended because his social engagements always revolved around food. He worked hard to keep his diet under control in his private life, but found it hard to rein in his calorie count when he ate out with friends. Next time you want to catch up, try thinking of something other than eating together. Check out a park, visit a new museum exhibit, or just wander together somewhere.

Step 3: Put Nutrition Before Your Cravings

It can be tempting to do dessert before dinner when your sweet tooth is crying out for a little sugar. Elvis often found himself in the same position, which led him to put the food he was craving before what he knew was really good for him. But he found that enforcing a strict order for eating turned that around. Whenever you have a craving, try heading to healthy foods first and follow up with your craving only if you still want it afterwards. Elvis started with protein, whole grain carbohydrates, and vegetables. Only after he was done with those would he hit the sugar. This helps satisfy cravings that might just be hunger and makes you less like likely to overindulge in the sweet stuff.

Step 4: Embrace Long-Term Gratification

Keeping your long-term goals in mind when your food weakness is being offered to you can be a major challenge. For Elvis, this situation would play out whenever the office would order pizza for the staff, something that was forbidden on his weight loss regimen. Rather than giving in to the instant gratification of indulging, he thought about what achieving his long-term goals would feel like. Achieving those goals was far sweeter than any enjoyment he got from eating pizza. When you’re faced with temptation, think about a few of the goals you’re working towards and try to imagine how good it’s going to feel achieving those goals. That will help get you past the short-term temptation and keep you focused on the end game.

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