How to Get Started on a Probiotic Diet

Up your intake of probiotics to lose weight.

How to Get Started on a Probiotic Diet

By Toni Gasparis

Research has shown that the health of your gut bacteria may be important for maintaining a healthy weight. Certain studies have shown that the gut bacteria of people who have a healthy weight versus people who are obese vary significantly. Improve the health of your gut with this probiotic diet plan from nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth.

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Take a Shot (or Two) of Probiotics

If you're not a fan of sauerkraut or pickled vegetables but still want to get in your three daily servings of probiotics, you can supplement with a probiotic shot one to two times per day. Companies sell probiotic shots that are pre-packaged, or you can take a shot of kombucha for the same effect.

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