Dr. Oz's Favorite Superfoods

Stock up on these healthy foods to keep you feeling good from the inside out.

Dr. Oz's Favorite Superfoods

There are plenty of healthy food options, but a few notable stars make frequent guest appearances on The Dr. Oz Show. Simple to incorporate into any diet, these 10 nutritional superstars do double (even triple and beyond!) duty.

Black Soybean

Not only do black soybeans contain more proteins and antioxidants than other options – they also help you lose weight!

Black soybeans contain very little carbs and take longer to digest, which keeps your stomach fuller longer.

How to use them: Just a 1/2-cup of black soybeans half an hour before a meal can help you curb your appetite. Find them in the canned foods section of your local health food store.

Is Your Stomach Cramp Actually Diverticulitis?

It may not just be indigestion.

We've all been there — we get a cramp in our stomach, maybe with some nausea or constipation. It's easy to think it may just be indigestion. But what if it's something more serious like diverticulitis? That's a condition of inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches that can form in your digestive tract. Here's how to tell the difference between the pain and how to know when you should see a doctor.