75 Quick and Easy Snacks

Snack on healthy choices with these delicious options.

75 Quick and Easy Snacks

By Toni Gasparis

Eating too many snacks can result in weight gain due to unnecessary extra calories. Snack the right way by making sure your choices are healthy and packed with lots of nutrients that are good for your body. Thanks to this collection of snack recipes, you can skip the hidden calorie bombs from the vending machine and make one of these healthy, tasty options instead. Find more healthy recipes by downloading the new Dr. Oz app.

Baked Avocado Egg

Bake an egg right into an avocado or a protein-packed mid-morning snack. Simply crack an egg into an avocado half and bake for 10 minutes. The healthy fats in avocados and the protein in the egg are sure to keep you full until lunch. Get the recipe here.

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